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Gate Hinges-Does Your Life Depend on Them?

Let’s talk about your gate himges and how they affect the life of your animals, visitors and ranch hands.  Daily we encounter and use items that become so normal, so automatic that we don’t even realize they exist. Hinges make our lives so much easier on so many levels, and yet are almost invisible in […]

Farm Gate Types

Farm Gates a Homesteaders First Line of Defense

Farm Gates – Security for Your Homestead Whether you’re a cattle farmer or a homesteader, your first line of defense and security for your property is a farm gate. Depending on how you are set up on your farm or homestead, you may require multiple farm gates to get the best all-around protection for your […]

Hardware 101: Gate Hinges

At their very best, gate hinges can be performance players and smooth operators. They have a very simple job, but they can demand a lot of attention. Every veteran fencer will tell you that the construction fundamentals of gates need to be quite sound. This includes the selection of grades, designs, frames, groundworks, and even […]

EZ Hinge Farm Gate: An EZ Way to Hang Your Farm Gates

Are you looking for an easy way to hang your farm gates? At their very best, they work as both performance players and smooth operators. We tend to demand too much from them, but why shouldn’t we? At the very least, the construction fundamentals of our gates should always be sound – from the choice of […]

Choosing Heavy DutyFarm Gates, Farm Fencing and Farm Gate Hinges

By https://www.ezhingefarmgate.com/shop/ | Submitted on December 7, 2018    When choosing a proper gate or fence hinge for your property, farm or ranch is an important decision to the safety of your family and animals. If your farm gate choice to use fencing materials that are not durable enough to do the job and last under all weather […]