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Farm Gates a Homesteaders First Line of Defense

Farm Gates – Security for Your Homestead

Whether you’re a cattle farmer or a homesteader, your first line of defense and security for your property is a farm gate. Depending on how you are set up on your farm or homestead, you may require multiple farm gates to get the best all-around protection for your family and animals.

farm gates homesteadingIf you’re like most homesteaders, your self-sufficiency likely means that you’ll be digging your own holes, mixing cement, pouring concrete and installing your own gate posts. Then, once everything is set, you’ll move on to installing your farm gate.

Hanging Your Farm Gate with Ease

If you’ve spent any time installing or building fences to secure your property, cattle, horses, pigs, goats or other livestock, you might agree that installing the gate hinge can be the most time consuming part of the job. The thoughts of welding, drilling, and adjusting the hinges can have the most adept farmer, fighting the clock for more time. Aside from the time and tools required to install traditional farm gate hinges, it can be difficult for one person to install the gate with ease.  The EZ Hinge Farm Gate Hinge solves that problem.

Adjustable, Flexible Farm Gate Hinge Saves Time, Money

Farm gates, installationWe know all about time management on the homestead. As farmers and homesteaders, we have installed our fair share of fences and farm gates. In addition to the time it used to take to install a farm gate with traditional hinges, we noted that the quality of the farm gate hinges needed to be easily adjustable and durable. For instance, if  you bump your farm gate with your truck or heavy equipment, traditional hinges did not “give.”  This occasionally resulted in having to replace posts or poles. This simply was not good enough. Like any homesteader or farmer,we aim to reduce or eliminate additional financial costs or time spent on repairing fences and gates.  This is why we designed the EZ Hinge Farm Gate hinges and why our farm gate hinges are a hit with cattle ranchers, homesteaders and property owners nationwide.

10 Minute Installation of Farm Gate Hinges

Ten minutes and just a few tools is all it takes to install our farm gate hinges. Please watch our EZ Hinge Farm Gate installation video and read our customer reviews. In most every case, our hinges can be installed in 10 minutes or less. That’s a time saving task on your homestead or farm that we think you can get behind!

Farm gate hinges, no drill, no weld

EZ Hinge Farm Gate Hinges have become a must have for cattle ranchers and farmers across the United States! Made in the USA by a farmer, for a farmer.

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