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Pros and Cons of Intensive Livestock Farming

Intensive (or factory) farming is one of the latest methods to enhance productivity and yield, concentrating on gaining most output per area by using low input strategy.  It is the polar opposite of organic farming and a result for demand for higher food demand for cheaper prices. Intensive farming does not only occur for corps [...]

Puerto Rico’s Agriculture and Farmers

Hurricane Maria’s barrage took out entire plantations and destroyed crops and livestock across the island. The storm knocked out about 80 percent of its crops. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/24/us/puerto-rico-hurricane-maria-agriculture-.html

Make Your Nitrogen Management Plan Now

  Whether you apply in the fall, spring or a variety of times through split application, you need to be strategic about nitrogen. “This is the right time to sit down with your retailer, look at your cropping systems and see what will be best for you when it comes to spring versus fall-applied nitrogen,” [...]