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The Importance of Marking Livestock

The branding of livestock has long been used as a method for identifying ownership of animals kept in open-grazing environments. In many of the western US states, branding remains the primary method of determining livestock ownership. However, marking livestock is no longer limited to branding! Today there are modern branding techniques such as ear marking, […]

Farm Gate Hinges Need to Handle the Load

A farm gate is a heavy piece of equipment that is used to keep people away from the animals, off the farm and also to contain the animals so that they do not escape. When farm animals escape their enclosure, they can be hit by vehicles, hurting not only the animal, but the vehicle as […]

Benefits of Choosing Heavy Duty Farm Gates and Farm Fencing

Far too many rural properties rely on old, rickety farm gates to keep paddocks and yards sectioned off. While this may provide a visual barrier, choosing to use farm fencing materials that aren’t strong or durable can cause problems. Aside from the risk of livestock finding their way out of their enclosed paddocks too easily, […]

Gate Hinges-Does Your Life Depend on Them?

Let’s talk about your gate himges and how they affect the life of your animals, visitors and ranch hands.  Daily we encounter and use items that become so normal, so automatic that we don’t even realize they exist. Hinges make our lives so much easier on so many levels, and yet are almost invisible in […]

Farm Gate HInge

Farm Gate Hardware

Let’s discuss farm gate hardware and gate hinges. If you have lived and worked on a ranch or farm, you would know the frustrations to keep your livestock gates, fencing sections and main farm gates secured. Looking for an easy way to hang your farm gate without the need of additional labor, special welding, and […]

Questions to ask yourself before building your livestock fence

All farms need quality fencing, whether it’s for security purposes, to establish property boundaries, or to keep your livestock from straying away. However, choosing the ideal livestock fencing for your farm can be challenging due to the numerous options available. To ensure you get the right livestock fencing for your property, here are five questions […]

I walked across some pastures on the last day of November and shook my head as water splashed up from my gum boots and splattered my pants. I was honestly hoping that this winter wouldn’t be anything like last year, but so far it is. Ugh, I’m afraid that mud is coming. Fall forage growth.

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Shortly after I joined the NRCS about twelve years ago, a retired NRCS Grazing Specialist by the name of Steve Hibinger was assigned to me to “show me the ropes.” One of the things he taught me about grazing in Ohio thas stuck with me all this time. If I could teach it to every…

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Protect Your Livestock Investment With the Best Farm Gates

When you put a lot of time, energy, and money into your farms or homesteading lifestyle, you need to protect all of that effort and expense with the best farm fencing and gate hardware. In the end, strength matters, but stronger does not necessarily equal better if you take other factors into account. Farm’s profit […]

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