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Farm Gate Hinges Need to Handle the Load

Farm Gate Types

A farm gate is a heavy piece of equipment that is used to keep people away from the animals, off the farm and also to contain the animals so that they do not escape. When farm animals escape their enclosure, they can be hit by vehicles, hurting not only the animal, but the vehicle as well. So … having strong farm gates hinges is vital to handling the load that farm gates are put through every day.

Any farmer that has horses and cattle knows how heavy these animals are and how much stress they can put on a gate when they get agitated. This can be even worse when an entire herd has become worked up and is pushing against the fencing and the gate. If the farm gate hinges are not strong enough to handle the pressure that is put on them they can snap. When they snap, the animals have nothing to contain and they can run free. Again, this can cause harm to the animals because any lost calf, cow, bull or horse is a monetary and emotional loss to the farmer.

A poor farm gate hinge can also allow predators from entering smaller animal enclosures such as chicken pens. Plus, small farm animals such as sheep or pigs can also be the target of predators such as wolves or foxes. If the hinges give out when a predator is in the vicinity, the animals have no protection.

Many families rely on these smaller animals as a source of food and money. Eggs from chickens can be sold at a farmer’s market or used by the family. Chickens and pigs can also be slaughtered to keep food on the table. Hinges need to be strong to keep food on the table and money in the pockets of hardworking farmers. Make sure that your animals are safe at all times by installing strong hinges for all the gates on the farm.

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