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Winter Electric Fence Solutions — On Pasture

The use of Electric Fence in the winter is fast becoming a solution for controlling livestock. Some use it for winter grazing practices, some use it to protect haystacks from both livestock and wildlife. Others use it for a quick fix all through the winter and early spring, not to mention using normal range fences.… via [...]

Cow Nutrition requirements calving to breeding

Thanks to South Dakota State Extension for this article! Nutritional management of the cow herd is more important during the periods of late pregnancy and early lactation than any other time in the annual production cycle. “Nutrition has a huge impact on the performance of both the cow and the newborn calf,” said Ken Olson,… via [...]

Heads Up On Irrigating and poisonous flora as We approach Into Fall

A query on irrigating pasture changed into added up last week. Right here in Indiana, there are generally only quantities of 3 months where moisture can be missing which includes July, August, and September. The primary question to don't forget is the water source. It will take a excellent one. One acre inch of water [...]

Bee’s Favoritism of Fungicide-Laced Foods Could Turn Deadly

Researchers prove bees gravitate toward sugar laced with the fungicide chlorothalonil over plain sugar. While the fungicide itself is not deadly to bees, it could have a deadly outcome. New research indicated that exposure to fungicides interferes with honey bee ability to metabolize the treatments beekeepers use to kill varroa mites—meaning their preference for the [...]